Why Lifeforce

“Everything is Energy”


“Energy Vibration Transformation is the aligning of your Energy to

resonate as One with Divine Source, the Energy of all that is, in order

to create the life that you desire through conscious awareness.”


Hi, my name is Marilyn Maceri and I’m here to share with you some of the amazing life

changing benefits you will experience when you become aware of and learn how to

use the energy that is within and all around you as you experience energy vibration



I didn’t even know it was Energy!


From the time I was a very young girl, I thought that I was different. I felt I wasn’t

“normal” and that I didn’t “fit in.”  I didn’t understand or know how to process the

energy of the people and the world around me that I was feeling so intensely running

through my body. I didn’t even know it was energy. I didn’t “get the memo” about it.

Neither did anyone else in my life at that time.


I was scared of these feelings so I would begin to cry. When asked why I was crying, I

had no answer and would say nothing, further reinforcing “there must be something

wrong with me” thoughts and feelings.  I was not embraced for having these strong

feelings, but instead I was often belittled, picked on and called a “baby,” even by those

who were “supposed to” love me.



Everyone and Everything Emanates Energy!


Through the years as I grew and matured in my spiritual awareness and

understanding, it became clear to me that it’s all about energy.  Everyone and

everything emanates energy. But, for many years, I just didn’t know how to process

this energy. I thought that avoiding certain people and situations was the answer.


And then I had a BIG AHA Moment!


Yet, I found that even though I was trying to avoid these certain energies, I kept

attracting the same energy of people and circumstances that I didn’t want into my life

over and over again before finally realizing that what I was resisting was persisting in

my life.


It was through this realization that I became enthralled with learning all about

energy, how it works, and how I could use it to attract what I wanted in my life rather

than what I didn’t want in my life. It has been through my many life experiences that

I have learned what works and what doesn’t work.


It’s when I stopped trying to make things happen and started allowing them to

happen by paying attention to the guidance messages the energy in my body was

conveying to me, that everything began falling into place much more effortlessly.



I learned that TO ALLOW IS TO FLOW!


This is what I am excited to bring to you… the awareness of energy vibration



Lifeforce Enterprises was established in 2003 when I first learned the energy

modality of Reiki.  I became an open channel and an observer of healing utilizing the

Life-Force/Source/God Energy that moves in, through, around and is one with all that



That’s when I created my mission statement that leads my company every single day:


“Helping souls rise above old patterns of doubt and fear to a new higher and more

confident level of wisdom, knowing and trusting in Divine Guidance while bringing an

awakening to the world through energy vibration transformation.”


Throughout the years since then, I have witnessed amazing transformations and

healings take place.


The Secret To Using Energy To Transform Your Life…


True power lies within the awareness of how to use and process this energy to create

the life that resonates with your hearts desires. This is the core essence that flows

throughout all of the services I provide using the energy vibration that emanates from

within you to transform your life.


I am continuously grateful and blessed to be able to share this loving awareness of

Light Energy and the uplifting of the vibration frequency with so many souls through

all of the services I provide, which ultimately affects the uplifting of the entire planet.


So, I’d like to begin by asking;


1.     Are you at a crossroad in you life and you don’t know which way to turn?


2.     Have you noticed that you keep attracting the same type of circumstances and people into your life over and over again, even though you have said to yourself that you would never “do that” again?


3.    Are you tired of being tired all the time?


4.     Do you feel a yearning to experience more than what you have been experiencing so far in your life?


5.    Would you like to be able to let go of fear and worry?


6.      Are you ready and willing to experience a healthier, more loving, fulfilling and joyful energy guided life?


If you said YES to any of these questions, then Grab your copy of my

book “4 Steps to Begin Living an Energy Guided Life,”  along with a

FREE mp3 audio file that will help you transform your life.


You’ll learn about becoming aware of how you can create this amazing new way of living and

manifesting your true desire for an inspired and purposeful life through

energy vibration transformation.