Angel Card Guidance/Readings


angel guidancefrom the angels for direction along your life’s path about anything your heart is questioning.

During an Angel Card Guidance Reading session, you and I will be working together by invoking the angels, ascended masters and spirit guides to open up your own intuitive guidance centers of awareness in order to receive and understand the guidance that they will be giving in answer to whatever question you are asking guidance for.  This is done through the use of angel cards.

We are all intuitive within different degrees of awareness, receptivity and ability.  Through these sessions, your intuitive abilities will be expanded and strengthened to allow the communication between you and the angels to be more fluent and  free-flowing.

It’s all about having the intention and desire to communicate, and then to simply ask.

Investment:  $60


Angel Card Reading Home Parties

Have fun with friends and invite them to experience their own unique angel messages.

Angel Card Reading Home Parties are available upon request (Metro-Detroit area)


$40 per session with a free session for the host

(4 person minimum including host)

Contact Marilyn for scheduling.  810-394-5674