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Classes Are Held Either At The Office:

30050 Hoover Rd. Suite G (BLUE DOOR)

Warren, MI  48093

(on the NE corner of Hoover  & Common Rd)



29629 Flanders Dr. Warren, MI 48088

(3 blocks E. of Schoenherr , S off Common Rd.)



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 Usui Reiki I Class

In the Usui Reiki I class you will;

  1. Discover all about what Reiki is, along with how and when to use it.
  2. Learn about the history of Reiki
  3. Be introduced to the chakra system (your energy pathways through your body)
  4. Receive your first Reiki attunement
  5. Learn how to give yourself a complete treatment
  6. Be able to give Reiki energy to animals, plant life, your food and water

Investment:  $150.00  (includes the Reiki I & II manual, a Reiki Journal and all other class materials)

This class is approximately 4 hours long.

Next Class:   Friday June 2, 2017

Time:   6-10p.m.

Where:    29629 Flanders Dr.   Warren, MI  48088

Please call 810-394-5674 to register by Wednesday May 31, 2017



Usui Reiki II Class

(Usui Reiki I pre-requisite)

In the Usui Reiki II class you will;

  1. Learn all about and receive the first 3 of the 6 sacred Usui Reiki symbols that will allow you to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others with a more empowered and fine-tuned energy flow.
  2. Receive your second Reiki attunement which will activate the energy of these symbols allowing you to send Distant Reiki anywhere in the world.
  3. Learn how to give a complete Reiki treatment to others.
  4. How to develop your own Reiki practice.
  5. Learn the techniques of Byosen Scanning and Beaming.

Investment:  $200.00 (the manual is $20 additional if needed)

Next Class:  Sunday June 4, 2017 

Time:  10 – 5 (including 45 minutes for lunch break)  

Where:    29629 Flanders Dr.   Warren, MI  48088

Please call 810-394-5674 to register by Wednesday May 31, 2017

***Please bring a sack lunch.  Tea, coffee, and water will be provided







Usui Advanced Reiki Training  (ART)

and Master Level Class


(Usui Reiki I & II pre-requisite)

In the ART/Master Level class you will;

  1. Learn all about and receive the remaining 3 Master sacred symbols used in Usui Reiki.
  2. Receive your ART and Master Level attunements
  3. Discover the use of new tools and techniques such as;Learn how to teach Reiki and how to give attunements to others
  4. All of this and more
    • The Reiki Moving Meditation
    • Reiki Meditation – Part I & II
    • The Reiki Grid
    • Aura Clearing
    • The Reiki Master Meditation
    • The Antahkarana


Investment:   $400.00 (includes the ART/Master manual)

This class is held 10 – 4  for 2 consecutive days = 12 hours 

Please bring a sack lunch.  Tea, coffee, water and light snack will be provided.

Next Class:   Saturday and Sunday July 29 & 30, 2017

Please call 586-774-3573 to register by Monday July 24, 2017






To Be Announced, 2017

10a.m. – 2p.m.  

29629 Flanders, Warren, MI  48088



Do you realize that YOU are the only one that can create the life you desire?

YES!!  You are the creator of your own life.  In every moment you have a blank canvas to paint whatever it is you want to paint on it.  You choose the colors.  You choose the content. You choose the style. You create it the way you see and feel it.

So what is it that you are seeing and feeling, and how does it affect not only your life, but the lives of everyone on the planet?  Why is this and how does it work?

Everything is energy and everything is connected…this field of connecting energy is a net or web that creates the underlying fabric throughout the universe. Our thoughts, visions and feelings create our world…We live in a participatory universe.

Open up doorways to the new possibilities that await you and those you want to help in your community. This class teaches you how to empower yourself by directing your creativity in a constructive and energy guided way, building self-esteem and confidence.

Investment $130.00 

Next Class:  To Be Announced, 2017  

Time:  10a.m. – 2p.m.  

Where:    29629 Flanders ,   Warren, MI  48088

Please call 810-394-5674 to register,

  Tea, coffee, water and a light snack will be provided



The 7 Essential Universal Laws Class


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired with your life?????


 Do you want to CREATE A NEW HAPPIER LIFE????




Are You Ready?????




The 7 Essential Universal Laws Class

This in an interactive 8 week class series where Marilyn Maceri, Certified LOA Life Coach,  will be group coaching using this series to discuss the 7 Essential Universal Laws and how they affect everyone and everything.

These laws exist whether you are aware of them or not, or if you choose to apply them or not.  You are always creating…either knowingly or by default. There are only deliberate or non-deliberate creators.  Ignorance of these laws can be the reason why you experience debt, unfulfilled  relationships, dissatisfaction with your job or ill health.

Come learn how to DELIBERATELY create your life so that you can get back into the driver seat and regain control of the direction of your goals and dreams. This class will change the way you see the entire Universe and your relationship to it all.



1.                       Introduction and The Law of Attraction

2.                       The Law of Deliberate Creating

3.                       The Law of Allowing

4.                       The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance

5.                       The Law of Pure Potentiality

6.                       The Law of Detachment

7.                       The Law of Polarity

8.                       A BONUS LAW:  The Law of Reflection

Investment:  Only $250 which includes all of the handouts and downloadable materials needed for each class. 


Time: To Be Announced

Where: To Be Announced

Please call Marilyn at 810-394-5674 to register  




Read what  these students have to say about the class:

Dear Marilyn and Michelle,
Thank you for a wonderful class. I am delighted to provide testimony
for having participated in your Universal laws classes. I attended six
of eight classes offered. In each of the classes I attended you provided
a safe and supportive atmosphere for personal and spiritual growth. 

As a direct result of applying the principles presented in class, I have
experienced significant growth beyond my wildest dreams! My life's
purpose is clear and my relationships, finances and spirituality are more

Prior to attending your class my sister and I were not speaking for almost
a year and my husband and I were on the verge of separation. My sister
and I have resumed communication and my husband and I are going on
trip together to a place that I imagined and the universe brought to me!
(Along with the resources to go!)

I am looking forward to attending more classes and continuing to use the
tools presented in your class. I will definitely recommend your classes to
friends and family.
Warren, MI


I have been a student of the Universal Laws for many years, and having taken Michelle and Marilyn’s class recently, I found it to be presented in such a fresh and usable manner that it has reinvigorated my attention for these special topics. My professional life has turned around to a wonderful positive degree as a result of the coaching Michelle and Marilyn provide. This has been a 90 min gift to myself each week and beyond; priceless to anyone giving themselves the gift of taking this class.


Cyndi S. from Novi


8 Week 7 Essential Universal Laws Class Series     $250