For Angel Card Readings

What Clients Say
About Their Experience
with Angel Card Readings:

“Hi Marilyn:
I would love to share my experience with the angel reading I had with you. I found that I had more clarity with my thinking and direction. Even though we have the answers, it’s good to get that “outside” guidance. In my daily reflection time, I can use what I learned from the reading to meditate on.”

Darlene Pappas-Goodman
NutraWell, LLC


“My time with Marilyn was very soothing and thought-provoking. She taught me to talk to the angels, and they have been listening! Thank you, Marilyn.”



Before working with Marilyn, I was challenged with all types of negative energy that I couldn’t seem to release on my own. As a former graduate student of Jack Canfield’s, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series in his year long intensive Train-the-Trainer program, I thought it was kind-of odd that I couldn’t seem to release these negative energies on my own.

It was a big deal to me because I kept myself in an ever-ending what I like to call ‘hamster wheel’ cycle. So this cost me a lot of time and money being unable to move forward.

After working with Marilyn in an angel card reading, the energy had shifted and I was able to move forward in conducting my business to serve my clients. I really feel gratitude toward Marilyn in helping me to move beyond where I seemed to be so ‘stuck’ at the time.

Thank you Marilyn!

Deb Farrell
Women’s Business Coach / Speaker / Best Selling Author


Marilyn has given me three Angel card readings and I was totally amazed at how the cards revealed my inner thoughts and gave me insight. I have always believed in Angels and they were so right on with what was going on in my life. Marilyn really has a true gift for interpreting the Angels messages…I was amazed and in awe! I believe everyone should experience this… Totally awesome!!!

Cheryl R.
New Baltimore, MI