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What Clients Say
About Their Experience with Classes:


“Being a part of Marilyn’s Master-Teacher Reiki class propelled my life in a powerful and amazing direction. I found Marilyn’s teaching techniques to be both sincere and profound. After the class I watched as my work with Reiki reached new levels that even surprised me. I continue to recommend it to everyone interested in energy work. It will change your life in the most beautiful ways, and you will begin to see yourself as the incredibly powerful being that you are. “

Erin Williams, LMSW, BCD, CHt, Reiki Master-Teacher


I find Marilyn to be a teacher with a great depth of understanding and an incredibly generous heart. Her willingness to remain open and expose her own learning is what makes her a powerful model. I look forward to working with her and learning from her as our journeys continue to intertwine — as I know they will.

Mara Evans, Owner of Arammai Services and Seventh Fire, LLC


Learning Reiki from Marilyn has truly been a gift in my life. Marilyn has such a kind and helpful disposition and is truly invested in the success of each and every one of her students. She creates a calm and loving
atmosphere in which to learn that it doesn’t even feel like learning, more like just hanging out with a friend. The experience of learning Reiki from Marilyn is one I will truly treasure throughout my life.

Erin Burke
Clarkston, MI


I feel blessed to be learning Reiki from Marilyn. This has been an amazing journey, and I am discovering so much about myself along the way. Marilyn is very knowledgeable with both book smarts and hands-on experience, and makes learning both easy and enjoyable. I am grateful for this experience and to be learning from such a wonderful Reiki Master.

Misty-Dawn M. Fuchs
Clarkston, MI


Dear Marilyn and Michelle,

Thank you for a wonderful class. I am delighted to provide testimony for having participated in your Universal laws classes. In each of the classes I attended you provided a safe and supportive atmosphere for personal and spiritual growth. As a direct result of applying the principles presented in class, I have experienced significant growth beyond my wildest dreams! My life’s purpose is clear and my relationships, finances and spirituality are more abundant!

Prior to attending your class my sister and I were not speaking for almost a year and my husband and I were on the verge of separation. My sister and I have resumed communication and my husband and I are going on trip together to a place that I imagined and the universe brought to me! (Along with the resources to go!)

I am looking forward to attending more classes and continuing to use the tools presented in your class. I will definitely recommend your classes to friends and family.

Linda,  Warren, MI