“Your First Step For Creating

Life Fulfilled With Purpose & Joy!



Each of the services I provide are Spiritually guided and energetically attuned to raise your vibration frequency, your intuition and your awareness. This will ultimately help you manifest your intention and desire to live your life with fulfilled purpose and joy.


Energy vibration holds the key to everything. Your emotions are just

that…your Energy in Motion=your vibration. Your vibration is an

indicator of what dimension of the Universal Energy grid you are

connecting to.


Each of the services I provide are “tools” that all work to achieve the

same results…to align you to your highest and greatest vibration in

connection with Source Energy, God, Creator of All that is.


Check out each of my services and let your Higher Guidance choose

which “tool” is right for you.


The first thing I recommend you check out is Reiki.


Second, you can read about the original “John of God” Crystal Light Bed” that has helped many people fulfill their intentions of release, manifestation and/or healing.


Third, there is Therapeutic Massage Therapy and/or Aroma Touch Therapy that helps with relaxation and pain management.


But my most successful clients have achieved their Purpose

Filled Life by using my Consciousness Coaching Services, so

consider reading about it to see how it could fit your own needs.


And if you are a teacher, group leader or retreat facilitator, you can

benefit from my motivational and transformational speaking

engagement.  Read how you can you can benefit by me speaking

at your event by clicking here.